Production Capacity

The factory covers more than 50,000 square meters, hundreds of modern machine in the workshop and skilled workers assure the production capacity with more than 300,000 sets each year.

Customization and Design

Inspired design, fast proofing for inspiring workspaces. All members of TMR's design team with at least 10 years' experience in designing, they thoughtfully crafts every TMR products to be beautiful and functional.

Professional Foreign Trade Team

The passionate foreign team were well trained with the professional knowledge of aluminum industry, they are here to help you choose the most suitable items that inspires great work.


Henan TMR Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd, a privately-owned company established in 2008, is located in Xin'An Industrial Area which is the famous Aluminum Capital in Henan Province, China.

Now our main products include aluminium Coil, Sheet, Plate, Circle and Strip, with the annual output more than 200,000 MT and Export volume accounts for 40%.

At the present stage, our development strategy is to launch International Trade in a more cost-effective manner. So we cherish all the real feedback from our customer, dedicate to providing the clients with satisfactory service and strive to improve our production quality and efficiency

Vision & Mission
We can only earn customers'respect and trust through continuous dedication and hard work. Therefore, we have insisted on customer centricity, creating long-term values and bringing customers success.


  • 3003 aluminum plate

    3003 aluminum plate

    3003 aluminum plate is a common product of Al-Mn alloy series. Because of its manganese alloy elements, the 3003 aluminum plate has excellent rust preventive properties, also known as the rustproof aluminum sheet.

  • NBN EN 485-3

    This part of this European Standard specifies the tolerances on form and dimensions for wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy sheet, strip and plate obtained by hot-rolling, for general engineering applications.

  • NBN EN 573-3

    This European Standard specifies the chemical composition limits of wrought aluminium and wrought aluminium alloys and form of products.

  • How to deal with the influent of aluminum plate packing

    For high surface requirements of aluminum sheet, if the packaging water does not be treated will lead to surface oxidation, white spots, seriously affecting the surface quality of aluminum sheet, so if the packaging water must be treated...