5454 5083 mirror finish aluminum plate, through polishing the surface of aluminium plate, reaches more than 85% reflectivity. Aluminum alloy tank truck can achieve the purpose of reflective heat dissipation in hot and high illumination environment, and can be safe and reliable.

Alloy 5454 5083 mirror finish aluminum plate

Temper H32, H111
Thickness(mm) 5-12mm
Width(mm) 2000-2650
Length(mm) 500-16000
Products Ship board, LNG tank, gas tank, GIS shell, car body skin, flange material, etc.

5754 mirror finish aluminum plate far exceeds the national standard, and is one of the superior products of TMR aluminum industry. The 5754 aluminum plate produced by TMR aluminum industry is sold well at home and abroad, and has been unanimously recognized by new and old customers. It is widely used in welding structure, storage tank, pressure vessel, ship structure and marine facilities, transportation tank, and occasions requiring excellent processing performance, excellent corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, high weldability and medium static strength. 5754 mirror finish aluminum plate with different heat treatment status is the main material used in automobile manufacturing industry (car door, mold, seal) and can making industry.

5454 5083 mirror finish aluminum plate has low density and high strength. Compared with carbon steel tank car, the use of aluminum alloy tank car has lighter weight, reduces fuel consumption and tire wear in the transportation process, thus reducing the daily operating costs and maintenance costs; aluminum alloy has strong corrosion resistance and improves the service life of tank car; at the same time, aluminum has recyclability and high recovery rate. 5454 5083 mirror finish aluminum plate can be applied to oil tank truck, natural gas tank truck, cement tank truck, etc.

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