Will the aluminum circle rust?

Everyone knows that any iron product will rust after being used for a period of time. Will the aluminum circle rust like iron after using it for a while? we wants to tell you that aluminum wafers will not rust as iron products for a long time, because the chemical reactions they take are different, and the aluminum discs are only oxidized.
Many aluminum wafer manufacturers will add some other anti-rust and anti-corrosion metal elements to the aluminum when processing aluminum discs. Therefore, the aluminum discs produced have anti-rust effects. Adding manganese alloy to the aluminum disc, we all know that manganese has a good anti-rust function, so it can be a rust-proof aluminum disc.
The aluminum pan we usually use is made of aluminum disc. The surface of the aluminum disc has a thin oxide film with a thickness of only 0.00001 mm. In the industry, in order to make the aluminum disc more durable, it will always produce good results. The aluminum wafer is further processed to make the oxide film thicker, so that the aluminum product produced is neither afraid of acid nor alkali.
In our lives, there are often people who suspect that the aluminum pan is not smooth enough to be bright enough. So when cleaning, they wipe with a steel ball or sand. They think this will make the aluminum products shine. In fact, it is not right to do so. Because it is easy to wipe off the oxide film on the surface. However, this will cause the oxide film on the surface to be destroyed. Although the aluminum product will form a new oxide film soon after being wiped off, the aluminum pan will be broken over time.
We TMR AL must also know that aluminum wafers will not rust for a long time, just chemical reaction, forming alumina.

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