Hammered aluminum mirror sheet

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Hammered aluminum mirror sheet

Alloy 1060, 1070, 3003
Width 0-1500MM
Thickness 0.3-6mm
Port of Loading Qingdao
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TMR Hammered aluminum mirror sheet for light reflector is also called as bean pattern embossed aluminum mirror sheet and hammer aluminum refractive sheet. It is often applied to lamp reflectors, outdoor lighting,plant cultivation lighting ,lighting reflectors, lamps decoration and reflective grille.

Hammered aluminum mirror sheet combines the advantages of hammered aluminum sheet stucco embossed and reflective aluminum mirror sheet together. Hammer embossed is suitable for heat dissipation, mirror reflect surface is suitable for reflection, energy saving, high brightness, good reflectivity. Thus hammer aluminum mirror sheet not only has good lighting effect, saving energy and maintenance costs, but also suitable for places with high lighting requirements. The specification of hammered mirror aluminum reflect sheet are:

Alloy: 1060, 1070,1100,3003
Thickness: 0.3-6mm
Tensile strength: 130N/mm2
Yield strength: 115N/mm2
Elongation: ≥2%
Total reflectance: 86%
Diffuse reflectance: ≤12%

Besides of lighting reflector cover, the hammered aluminum mirror sheet also have other application:
1, reflectors for lighting fixtures;
2, suspended ceiling and building decoration materials;
3, multi-purpose hardware: photo frame, clock, camera accessories, MEDALS, jewelry box, audio and electrical shell;
4, computer accessories: disk shutter, LCD and reflector of photocopier;
5, reflectors for solar water heaters and headlights.

Aluminum products of TMR meet the export popular

Plastic movie and brown paper can be protected at customers’ need. Also timber case or timber pallet is adopted to shield products from harm for the duration of the delivery.

There are styles of packaging, which is eye to wall or eye to sky. Customers can choose either of them for their convenience.

1. What's the MOQ?
Usually, CC materials for 3 tons, DC materials for 5 tons, some special products are different, pls consult our salesman.
2. What's the payment term?
3. What's the lead time?
Common specification 10 -15 days, others 30 days or so.
4. How about the packaging?
Standard export packaging, wooden cases or pallets.
5. Could you send us the free sample?
Yes, the small pieces can be provided for free, but the buyer need to bear the freight charges.

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