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5083 Aluminum Plate for Car Air Reservoir

Alloy : 5083
Width : 0-1500MM
Thickness : 0.3-60mm
Port of Loading : Qingdao
Price : USD2000

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The air reservoir is a container for storing a part of compressed air and slowing down the airflow of the air compressor. It also has the function of separating oil and water from compressed air. It is used to store the compressed air of the air compressor (air pump), used in car braking, whistling and other systems. The main functions are energy storage, filtration, voltage regulation, and temperature reduction.

Common types of air reservoirs are: air compressor gas storage tanks, natural gas storage tanks, low pressure gas storage tanks, biogas storage tanks, and the like.

The type of aluminum plate commonly used in air reservoirs: 5083 aluminum plate. The 5083 aluminum plate is an aluminum-magnesium alloy plate. The main alloying element is magnesium. It has good corrosion resistance and weldability, and moderate strength. It is widely used. Especially in the construction industry, it is the most promising alloy.

Alloy Chemical composition
5083 aluminum plate Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Ni Zn Ca V Ti  Others Al
0.25 0.40 0.10 0.10 2.2-2.8 0.15-0.35    /  0.10    /   /    / 0.15 Remain

The function of  Air Reservoir

Energy storage

There are many places where gas is used on trucks, ranging from sirens to brakes. If there is no air reservoir, the amount of air pumped by the air compressor alone is not enough. At this time, it is necessary to store the air pumped by the air compressor in the air reservoir and wait for the critical moment to use it. Just like a stream in a mountain stream, it is not enough to drive the generator set, and it is a reason that it can only be pushed after the accumulation of the reservoir.


We all know that the air contains a lot of dust and water molecules, as well as the oil pumped by the air compressor failure. If it enters the air path of the vehicle, it will easily damage the vehicle parts over time and cause certain hidden dangers to driving safety. The air pumped in by the air compressor will temporarily stay in the air reservoir. Because the relative weight of water molecules, dust, and oil in the air is heavier than air, it will fall to the lower part of the air reservoir. Now it's time to filter.

Voltage regulation

Single-pipe inlet and outlet gas design, the effect of voltage stabilization is not as good as one inlet and one outlet

When the air is pumped into the vehicle through the air compressor, the compressed air flowing into the vehicle's air path is extremely unstable due to the up and down movement of the air compressor piston. The air storage cylinder is like a reservoir, let the inflowing unstable air pass through the stay, and then the compressed air after the outflow is stabilized.

Cool down

The outside air is sucked into the air compressor and compressed, and the volume becomes smaller while generating a certain temperature. When the temperature is higher, the relative density will become smaller, making the storage
The volume of air becomes less; the moisture carried in the air is not easy to settle because of temperature. Therefore, the air entering the gas path of the car must be cooled first. And this cooling process is realized in two parts, one is the spiral tube, the other is the air reservoir.

At first, the car air reservoir (tank) used iron storage, but the cleanliness of the iron gas storage cylinder is difficult to control, and it is easy to rust. It needs internal and external spray treatment, resulting in greatly shortened service life. With the development of technology, the current automobile storage The gas cylinder (can) is processed by 5083 aluminum plate. The forming process of the 5083 aluminum plate is very good. After being used in the automobile air reservoir (can), the surface of the aluminum alloy is coated with good cleanliness, and the surface of the gas cylinder is easy to naturally form a dense layer. A strong protective film can protect the body of the gas cylinder from corrosion and prolong the service life. Therefore, the 5083 aluminum plate will usher in a bigger development in the future car air tank (can) market, opening up more Broad market application prospects.

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Usually, CC materials for 3 tons, DC materials for 5 tons, some special products is different, pls consult our salesman.
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