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Aluminum Rings

Alloy : 5083 6061 7075
Width : 0-1500MM
Thickness : 1-200mm
Port of Loading : Qingdao
Price : USD2000

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Forged aluminum ring, also known as forged aluminum ring, mainly uses aluminum ring rolling mill and rolling pass to make aluminum ring produce continuous local plastic deformation, and then realize plastic processing such as wall thickness reduction, diameter expansion, and cross-sectional profile forming Craft.

So far, the production of rectangular cross-section aluminum rings is mostly carried out by radial rolling. The aluminum ring and the blank are designed with equal height. The tapered roller only plays a role in preventing the aluminum ring from climbing and limiting the height of the aluminum ring. The amount of deformation is very small.

For difficult-to-deform materials such as 5083 H111 H112 6061 7075 T6 T651 and other aviation aluminum alloys, uniform and sufficient deformation is an important basis for ensuring the metallurgical quality of aluminum forgings.
In fact, two-way rolling can implement rolling deformation in both radial and axial directions, not only can obtain more complicated aluminum ring cross-sectional shapes and higher dimensional accuracy, but also can obtain more uniform and sufficient deformation; therefore For aluminum ring parts, which are difficult to deform materials for aviation and aerospace, the application of bidirectional rolling technology has attracted increasing attention.

Forged aluminum ring is a continuous partial plastic forming process. Compared with the overall die forging process, it has significant technical and economic advantages such as greatly reduced equipment tonnage and investment, small vibration and impact, energy saving and material saving, and low production cost. It is a bearing ring Advanced manufacturing technology for various seamless aluminum rings such as gear rings, flange rings, train wheels and tyres, gas turbine rings, etc., in many industrial fields such as machinery, automobiles, trains, ships, petrochemicals, aerospace and atomic energy Has been increasingly widely used.

Forged aluminum ring technology is currently one of the most effective methods for producing high-performance seamless aluminum ring parts, and has been widely used in many fields such as aviation, aerospace, energy, and transportation. During the rolling process, the aluminum ring material is fully deformed and filled well, achieving near-net shape, so that the flow line is reasonably distributed along the shape of the part, and the cutting of the flow line and the end exposure are minimized, thereby greatly improving the aluminum ring Its resistance to stress corrosion, service life and reliability.

Common aluminum rings : 5083 6061 7075  temper: H111 H112 T6 T651 etc,welcome your inquiry.


1. What's the MOQ?
Usually, CC materials for 3 tons, DC materials for 5 tons, some special products is different, pls consult our salesman.
2. What's the payment term?
3. What's the lead time?
Common specification 10 -15 days, others 30 days or so.
4. How about the packaging?
Standard export packaging, wooden cases or pallets.
5. Could you send us the free sample?
Yes, the small pieces can be provided for free, but the buyer need to bear the freight charges.


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