Application of Color coating Aluminum plate

Color coating Aluminum plate is widely used in building decoration, food packaging, electronics, printing, transportation and other fields. Let's take a closer look at the specific application of color coated aluminum:

Building decoration field: manufacturing roof panels, roof panels, curtain wall panels, interior wall decorative panels, ceiling ceiling panels, honeycombPanels, thermal insulation panels, shutter doors, shutters, etc.

Food packaging field: manufacturing non-pressure food cans, pressure food cans, can lids, bottle caps, box lids, pull rings, food boxes, various food packaging sealed bags, etc.

Electronic and electrical field: manufacturing air-conditioning panels, washing machine panels, refrigerator panels, cabinet panels, and various digital electronic product shells.

Printing field: manufacturing PS, CTP, UV-CTP printing plates.

Transportation field: manufacturing of outer shells and inner walls of box trucks, car body panels, train compartment panels, ship interior trim panels, traffic facility signs, advertising panels, luggage.

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