What function the aluminum foil of the car water tank is ?

The aluminum foil absorbs the known heat of the water in the water tank, and the fan blows him, blowing away the heat it absorbed. The water in the water tank is circulated in the engine and the water tank. The heat flowing into the engine absorbs the heat of the engine and then flows into the water tank to dissipate the heat. The water temperature decreases, and then flows into the engine to absorb the heat of the engine to cool the engine. The temperature of the non-stop burning oil in the engine is very high, and it will burn out without cooling the engine for a few minutes.

Automobile water tank is mainly composed of radiator core, water pipe, aluminum foil blade for cooling air, upper water tank and lower water tank. The upper water tank is connected to the inner radiator by the water pipe, and the upper water tank is connected to the water tank below the radiator. When the hot water flows from the top to the lower water tank, it becomes warm water. The aluminum foil strip blades of the radiating air form the holes. The relative wind speed when the car is moving forward makes a large amount of cold air pass through the air holes, absorb the heat flowing through the cooling water in the water pipe, and then dissipate into the atmosphere.

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