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Carbon Coated lithium ion battery foil

The use of functional coatings for surface treatment of battery conductive substrates is a breakthrough technological innovation. Carbon-coated aluminum foil/copper foil is to coat dispersed nano-conductive graphite and carbon coated particles uniformly and delicately on aluminum foil, On copper foil. It can provide excellent static electrical conductivity, collect the micro current of the active material, which can greatly reduce the contact resistance between the positive/negative electrode material and the current collector, and can improve the adhesion between the two and reduce the adhesion. The amount of agent used, in turn, significantly improves the overall performance of the battery.

Alloy: 1050 H18 /1060 H18 /1070 H18 /1100 H18 /1235 H18

Thickness:0.01 -0.44mm 

Advantage of Carbon Coated lithium ion battery foil

1. Significantly improve the consistency of the battery pack and greatly reduce the battery composition cost. Significantly reduce the dynamic internal resistance increase of the battery cell, improve the pressure difference consistency of the battery pack, and extend the life of the battery pack;
2. Improve the adhesive force between the active material and the current collector, and reduce the manufacturing cost of the pole piece. Such as: improving the adhesion of the positive electrode material and the collector using the aqueous system, improving the adhesion of the nano- or sub-micron-level positive electrode material and the collector, improving the adhesion of lithium titanate or other high-capacity negative materials and the collector, Improve the qualified rate of pole piece production and reduce the cost of pole piece manufacturing.
3. After using carbon-coated aluminum foil, the adhesion of the pole piece is increased from 10gf to 60gf (tested with 3M tape or 100 grid knife method), and the adhesion is significantly improved.
4. Reduce polarization, increase rate and gram capacity, and improve battery performance. Such as: partly reduce the proportion of the binder in the active material to increase the gram capacity; improve the electrical contact between the active material and the current collector; reduce the polarization and improve the power performance.
5. Protect the current collector and prolong the service life of the battery. Such as: prevent the current collector from corrosion and oxidation; increase the surface tension of the current collector and enhance the easy coating performance of the current collector; it can replace the higher cost etching foil or replace the original standard foil with a thinner foil.

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