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lithium ion battery foil

Lithium battery foil is the cathode current collector in lithium batteries and the carrier of lithium battery cathode slurry. It plays an important role in lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have high requirements for product safety, so it is also necessary when choosing suppliers. Strictly grasp the supplier's strength and technical level.

Alloy: 1050 H18 /1060 H18 /1070 H18 /1100 H18 /1235 H18/3003 H18

Thickness:0.01 -0.44mm 

Characteristics of lithium battery foil:
1. The surface of aluminum foil should be uniform in color, clean, flat in shape, free of aluminum chips, aluminum powder, no corrosion marks, obvious roll marks, crushed pits and other defects that affect use.
2. The surface has no rolling defects such as mottling, herringbone, and bright lines that affect the use, and surface chromatic aberration that affects the use.
3. The oil level on the surface of the aluminum foil in the H18 state should reach 31 dyne. At present, our company can provide up to 33 dyne battery foil with no oil spots and no serious oil odor.

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