What kind of paint will be used for color coated aluminum coils

What kind of paint will be used for color coated aluminum coils?

At present,  Color Aluminum's industrial paint used in the production of color-coated aluminum coils is generally oil-based paint. The so-called oil-based paint is also solvent-hydrophilic, mainly including the following five:


1. Acrylic: The paint film has high hardness, but poor flexibility (T bending difference); suitable for non-processed parts and high hardness index coatings, such as automotive paint, currently our sheet aluminum foil is used;

2. Polyester: The hardness of the paint film is worse than that of acrylic acid, but the flexibility and processability are good (good T-bend, good processing performance); the current use of  steel coil and  aluminum coils is more common;

3. Polyurethane: The paint film has good toughness, good adhesion and abrasion resistance, but is easy to yellow and powder; it is generally used in the leather industry and furniture industry, and the rolled aluminum system is generally used as a primer (our fluorocarbon primer);

4.Epoxy: The paint film has good adhesion, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, but high brittleness (T bending difference); it is generally used in floor paint and anticorrosion industry, and the aluminum coil is generally used for back paint (polyurethane foam, Viscose, etc.);

5. Fluorocarbon: The paint film has excellent corrosion resistance, long weather resistance and strong adhesion, but the paint film is relatively soft. It is widely used in the field of super weather resistance. The rolled aluminum coils generally uses 2 fluorine (PVDF) and 3 fluorine (FEVE).

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