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TMR likes sharing with you the knowledge of various aluminum sheets plates, aluminum coils, aluminum foils, aluminum strips, aluminum circles etc.

  • Aluminum Disc Grade Series

    Aluminum Disc Grade Series includes 1000 series ,3000 series 5000 series 8000 series

    Aluminum Disc Grade Series
  • aluminium entry foil 1100 H18

    Aluminium entry foil 1100 H18 supplier manufacturer Thickness 0.1-0.25 mm

     aluminium entry foil 1100 H18
  • Advantage of Aluminium Foil

    TMR supply 1050 , 1060 , 1070 1100 3003 3004 5052 8011 8079 aluminum foil ,welcome your inquiry.Advantage of Aluminium Foil

  • AMS4045: Aluminum Alloy Sheet and Plate

    AMS4045: Aluminum Alloy Sheet and Plate

  • High Precision PCB Drilling

    Recent developments in miniaturization have been the main reason for the strong momentum of the electronics industry. As miniaturization continues to drive the industry, it becomes increasingly challenging to manufacture electronics and manufacture PCBs. The most challenging aspect of PCB manufactur...

    3003 aluminum sheet TMR
  • Three common drilling holes in PCB production process

    In the PCB production process, drilling is very important. Drilling is to drill the required via holes on the copper clad plate to provide electrical connections and fix devices. If the operation is improper, there is a problem in the process of the via hole, and the device cannot be fixed on the ci...

    3004 aluminum sheet TMR
  • The printed circuit board (PCB) industry has broad prospects and the development trend of the prototype small batch board market

    Printed Circuit Board (PCB) refers to a functional board that uses printing technology to form conductive circuit patterns or printed components on an insulating substrate according to a predetermined design, which is used to realize the interconnection and Relay transmission is an indispensable bas...



    aluminum circle for saucepan
  • Maintenance method of stainless steel utensils

    Stainless steel utensils are favored by most people because of their corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning. But stainless steel doesn't always rust, but they can still shine for a long time if you pay attention to daily maintenance.

    ALUMINUM CIRCLE FOR  ss stainless pot
  • 8011-O seal foil_PP aluminum foil sealing film

    Aluminum foil sealing film is a kind of aluminum foil composite material, which is used for sealing of non -metal container bottle. It has excellent characteristics such as sealing, variability, anti -theft effects, preventing the volatile, pollution of items in the product, and very good tide resis...

  • Introduction to aluminum foil type division and use

    Aluminum foil is a soft metal film. It not only has the advantages of moisture -proof, dense gas, shielding, abrasion resistance, flavor, non -toxic and tasteless, but also because of its elegant silver -white luster, which is easy to process a variety of beautiful patterns and beautiful patterns an...

  • 5000 series aluminum plain sheet supplier

    5000 series aluminum plain sheet supplier 5005 aluminum plain sheet supplier 5052 aluminum plain sheet supplier 5083 aluminum plain sheet supplier 5454 aluminum plain sheet supplier 5754 aluminum plain sheet supplier

    3003 aluminum sheet TMR